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I would like to introduce to whom doesn’ t know, two very interesting tools which I have been using on my English studies

The first one is exclusive for this kind of task and for improving your writing. Your text is assessed by an artificial inteligence that analyses, correct and give advice to improve. It’s the “Cambridge English Write&Improve”. It’s free for students and very simple to use.

The second one is simplier and embracing. I am telling you about “Anki”. It’s an open source software which organizes your studies and goals in cards. Something like that old plays where we had cards with one question on one face and the answer on the back, do you remeber? Well, the ideia is to be some virtual version of that play, managing how much of them you wanna study per day and recording the results.

You can create your own cards, better yet, you can download free automatic cards (collections of them in fact) already ready and shared by other students. There are diversity cards and some very interesting ones for the study of English, even containing the audio.

Both end up being an excellent source of exercises, which are the big gap when you study on your own and do not have school materials.

Do not fail to check it out and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Remembering that I am looking for partners to train conversation in English through Skype, then if you have interest just contact me.

Hug to everyone

Hello world!


This is my first personal and writen in english blog. It’s not my first blog by the way. I’ve already tried to maintain a games blog, but my passion to talk about them was not sufficient to keep me posting regularly.

Besides that, it was a little bit sad to talk only about games and I was always dreaming about writing about other stuff I like, as books, movies, TV series, sports, etc.

Another thing that I like a lot is to be a time saver. I love to look for ways to be more productive. And suddenly I had this idea. Creating a blog where I can write about all I want and try to improve my english skills.

I’ve been trying to improve my skills by my own for a very long time. It’s been tough to go one step further and I am very confident that it is great oportunity. I intend to not use any softwares or spell check, or even Google Translate to review my posts, but feel free to correct me if you see a mistake.

Stay in touch if you wanna get infos on tech things or try to talk and learn together.

Okay…I am not promising to write always in english, but I will try.